NRP (Non-Resident Player) Passport Request Form (Brock Minor Hockey Association)

Print NRP (Non-Resident Player) Passport Request Form
An NRP (Non-Resident Passport) form is required to tryout at a AA or A centre. The NRP is only available to players in U13, U15 and U18 age groups. Players, under an NRP, are allowed to tryout for only one AA, OR, one A base category centre.
Player Information
Information must be complete and accurate or the request will not be reviewed and completed.
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Player History
Non-Resident Player Form Request
Check the NRP box if you are requesting a Non-Resident Player Passport for trying out at one AA OR one A base category centre and select the division you will be trying out for.
  1. NRP if trying out for AA or A
  2. List only 1 Association
Contact Info
You will be contacted via email or phone when your requested forms are ready for pickup.
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  1. I agree that the information contained in this request form is accurate.

    I understand that the above listed player must be pre-registered with Brock Minor Hockey Association prior to receiving an NRP form. By completing this form I agree to be pre-registered with Brock Minor Hockey for the upcoming season.
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