Cash Calendars (Brock Minor Hockey Association)

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Cash Calendars are BACK!

What are Cash Calendars?

Each Brock Minor Hockey family will be receiving 15 cash calendars which have already been paid for with registration fees. They are valued at $10 each and can be sold to help get back some of the cost of registration fees. All money collected from the sale of the calendars is then yours to keep! 
Calendar ticket stubs can be dropped off at the Sunderland Arena, in the black box just outside of dressing room #1, as well as in Beaverton in black box in the lobby. Please remember that you must be 18 years of age to collect winnings!

**All tickets need to be dropped off by November 30th for the first draw December 1st. ** Any tickets dropped off after this date will be entered as they are received. Winning tickets are returned to the draw box and have a change to win again.

Winning tickets are returned to the draw box and have a chance to win again.

A list of winners will be available at each arena on the prize calendar as well as posted here on the website.

When does this start?

Draw begins December 1st so check back often for updates to the winner's list. GOOD LUCK!